Project PostMortem – – news site and app. was developed by me and my brother as a side project to talk about news, reviews and general tech content aimed towards hispanic internet users, but the project didn’t do so well and is currently paralyzed (and probably dead and buried forever).

As is typical in my post-mortem blog posts, I will post about the good and the bad of it.

The Good

The idea was simple yet gigantic, a site and app combination to make it easy to the users to pick up and get news about technology and the latest tech news in a language where these kind of news moved at a very slow rate (spanish, my mother language), a very interesting market indeed.

Approbados App in the store (W10)

It started pretty good, writing blog posts about random tech news and games that popped up in the market, then proceeded to make them public via twitter utilizing the proper hashtags , getting around 50-100 hits every time a new blog post was created.

Typical approbado post

We ran the blog smoothly at first, highly motivated and looking those page hit count go up, but then our post frequency started slowing down and down until we completely stopped posting about this at all, the motivation ran off, which led to the whole paralyzed project you see right there (also it being co-owned was part of this,there is a motivational factor about the other party doing his part but that’s another story im not going to touch in this post).

On the Technical side of things, Blogger was used as the blogging platform due to easy integration with google ads, and at the time, I was not very skilled in any programming language, so I decided to use windows app Studio to make the app connected to the blog and release it to the mobile market.

I learned how to use the Windows App Studio  to make Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 apps using an app builder provided by Microsoft, and learned a little bit more how to make use of the Windows developer dashboard to upload the app, Also learned about monetization in blogs (ironically, this blog doesn’t have any kind of monetization per se) and about how easy it is to wrongly estimate size in projects, something I will always consider in my mind when I decide to take on something, this was easily the most hard learned lesson in this whole ordeal.

Truth be told it was nothing really impressive, just a recently bough domain, linked to a blogger using the dns settings provided by both companies, one or two Google ads here and there on the site , and both of the apps released into the market, wich as not heavily advertised or anything like that, in fact, it did several times better on the web version than mobile version as you can see on the next report provided by the windows developer dashboard.

Report, Click to view in full size.
Report, Click to view in full size.


The Bad

The only negative of this experience was the 8$ we spent by paying for two years of the domain, damn I miss those 8$, I wonder where I would be if I has that kind of money in hand.


Every little project, failed or not, always bring something in the table, and in my case  this was about value of digital media, the amount of work these kind of things require and about how dedication beats motivation every single time , It is up to you to see what you make off it, not many people take their time to make an insight about failed projects, especially on a blog post, because they may look terrible on a resumé and because it is WAY easier to act like they didn’t happen and hide them under the rug, but in my case, these are the stuff I make the most off in a personal level.

Check the dead site (Until the DNS stop responding, should be august this year)

Check the app (This will also stop responding around that time, W8.1 or W10)

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