Book Recommendation: The C# Programming Yellow Book by Rob Miles

You could not simply go online asking around for good C# books without hearing claims of the “yellow book” every now and them.

When I decided to pick up C# as my main language for learning programming (after trying some C++ and Java to no avail), I also found the famous C# Programming Yellow book by Rob Miles  as a primary recommendation from all over the internet back at that time, So, of course, without giving it too much tough I gave it a chance. and thus became the second programming related book that I gave a try.

Compared to other programming books that you can find around, this is relatively short (200 or so pages) and explains very clearly introductory concepts and aspects of computing in general (data/information, programmers/programs, etc) and then dives directly into the “meat”  that most programming languages share(Conditional statements, data types, syntax rules and so on), to finally arrive in C# specific characteristics, really getting to the point in a very concise and clear manner.

What I consider to be the best of the C# Programming Yellow Book By Rob Miles, is a line by line explanation of every single statement in the program examples it shows, starting from the meaning of the using statements going through the meaning of the parenthesis at the end of the function name to the meaning of the curly braces in the final line of the program, so if any of the other books I have recommended around on this blog are not your style, this one really offer a different approach for getting you to the knowledge of this beautiful language, also it gives you a nice, short overview about what can you do with C#.

For some people this book is more on the “introductory” side of things, of course, that’s what the author intended, and it is used by the Department of Computer Science in the University of Hull as the basis of their First Year programming course, but it also goes beyond the basic and offers some nice chapters about Structures and their difference with classes, the way  reference type works in memory , C# case of  Interfaces and inheritance , Generics and Collections, which always give us trouble when we are starting (well, they sure as heck gave me trouble), even if you have been using C# for a while you might encounter one or two things you didn’t know that happen under the hood (and if you knew them , well, it’s better to keep that fresh in the mind, right?). So it is worth to check around if you feel kinda rusty on some aspects of the language.

Oh, did I mention that you can get the C# Programming Yellow Book By Rob Miles by going to  the author website (there are lots of Localized Versions in here, if you don’t speak English, they might be one in your language too.)

Afterthoughs: As usual, by the moment of this post, another edition of this book has arisen, considering that I got my hands on it around that time  in 2015 (Bananas edition, a.k.a 2015 cover), its not usual that in a year the content neded a little bit of an update, here is the cover that you should be looking for.

Yellow book Cheese Edition
C# ProgrammingYellow Book, Cheese Edition By Rob Miles


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